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Innovation Leaders for the Great Green Wall

African Leaders Combating Desertification through Innovation

The DeserTech Innovation Leaders programme 

aims to boost the implementation of the Great Green Wall initiative through technology.

Active leaders from 10 Sub-Sahara countries have been working collaboratively from January 2023 - May 2023 to fight desertification with innovation.

The cohort identified the most burning challenges of life under the threat of desertification and drought.

They spent a week in Israel's Negev desert, to share these challenges with the vibrant DeserTech ecosystem and to learn about new practices and technologies.

Together with local entrepreneurs and experts, they assessed their technology needs, and discussed collaboration opportunities to jointly implement adapted solutions in their communities.

 In collaboration with companies found relevant, they have designed project proposals to ensure the population in their communities not only survives but thrives.


This programme aims to boost the implementation of the GGW (Great Green Wall) Initiative through the identification of desert-related needs, the nurturing and maturing of new ideas and concepts and by connecting innovative technological solutions to the specific needs identified by GGW countries and communities. 


The project supports GGW Countries in identifying specific challenges in the areas of agriculture, infrastructure, energy and water - including in terms of:

Water Scarcity

Water scarcity and use efficiency

Soil Degradation

Soil degradation

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures

Connecting Remote Communities

connecting remote communities

All stakeholders worked collaboratively on designing concrete and innovative projects proposals around the identified technologies, which were presented to interested partners for financing.


This programme is a partnership between the Global Mechanism of the UNCCD , the Great Green Wall Accelerator and DeserTech Innovation Community.

The Programme in a Nutshell

Programme Highlights

Image by Hu Chen

Needs Assessment Online Seminar

Participants will take part in 7 online weekly sessions to effectively identify agriculture, water, infrastructure, and energy challenges in their regions. They will also gain tools to understand the initial conditions for implementation and how to assess potential technologies that can best address their needs. 

When: 20 Dec | 22 Dec | 11 Jan | 18 Jan| 25 Jan| 01 Feb | 08 Feb
09 AM TO 12 AM GMT

Where: Online

Programme Timeline

November 10th 2022
Programme Public Launch

October-November 2022
Call for Applicants
Application Open

December 9th 2022
Application Deadline

December 14th – February 8th 2023
Needs Assessment Seminar
7 Online Sessions

December 5th 2022
of Programme Participants

March 1st 2023
Marketplace Publication
GGW DeserTech Challenges Showcased In a Dedicated Marketplace

March 20th – March 23rd 2023
Negev Seminar
Implementation Seminar In Israel’s Negev Desert

April 2023
Project Design Workshop
Online 1 Full Day Workshop

Meet the Cohort

Meet the Cohort

Any questions or doubts?
Don’t hesitate to contact us at

*This project is designed for GGW countries and is fully funded by programme’s partners

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