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Global Desert Challenges

Extreme Climate

Acute Temperature Shifts | Flash floods, Sand & dust Storms, Wildfires (semi-Arid) | Sun Intensity

Water Scarcity & Availability

Water quality & quantity | Water Contamination | Droughts

Land Degradation

Soil Salination | Erosion | Flash floods | Soil contamination

Remote & Marginal Living

Decentralization | Lack of access to basic needs and livelihoods

Desert environments cover approximately 40% of the world's land area and are already home to over 20% percent of the world's population. According to the UN, by 2025, 1.8 billion people will experience "absolute water scarcity" with two thirds of the world living under water scarce conditions. Dry lands are rapidly expanding, and desertification poses serious implications for biodiversity, eco-safety, poverty eradication, socio-economic stability, and sustainable development. 

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