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Extreme Climate

Weather forecast for sustainable agriculture

Challenge Background

CREACC-NG works in remote areas of Northern Nigeria to help farmers adapt to climate change. Villages in Northern Nigeria have been disappearing due to desert encroaching southward; they were forced to vulnerable conditions such as food insecurity, loss of livelihood, and an increase in multidimensional poverty in the villages. The lack of weather forecasting systems continues to serve as an obstruction to many farmers in Nigeria. Farmers do not know when floods are coming, they do not have enough information on the change in rainfall patterns and the type of crops that will be best to plant.

What we are looking for

We need a good weather forecasting and monitoring system that can help farmers by giving them early knowledge. A system that can tell when to expect a drought, change in rainfall patterns, and change in weather that can help a farmer withstand a shock. We need a system that farmers can buy and install either on their phones or they can use as a messaging system that can inform them hands-on and in real time.

Solution criteria

Cost effective solution
Easy maintenance
Easy to reproduce in mass
Easy to operate/install

What we offer

Access to the market, data collection and training and funding

Centre for Renewable Energy and Action on Climate Change

Centre for Renewable Energy and Action on Climate Change

CREACC-NG was established to meet the basic needs of underserved, hard to reach, and isolated communities with clean energy for agriculture, water, health, using solar technology. We established Native Trees on Farms (NToF) as well as organic farming practices through funding from French Embassy and Canadian High Commission.



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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