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Water Scarcity & Availability

Unlocking the full potential of groundwater



Challenge Background

Drilling boreholes in Burkina Faso is a tall task despite global advances made in soil data collection and classification, groundwater data, drilling technologies and equipment and access to renewable energy. Most boreholes are low in water flow rate despite reaching an average 90m depth. In many irrigation projects and sometimes in drinking water provision, we tend to run into lack of water in the dry months from wells and boreholes leading to stoppage and sometimes loss of production. The issue seems to be at 2 levels: 1) Bad selection of drilling areas: various way to detect potential drilling areas at the ground surface are used but most of them seems to lead to low water boreholes in the majority of cases 2) Lack of cost and energy efficient equipment to drill deeper to unlock the full potential of aquifers.

What we are looking for

Technology that allows high precision underground water detection. This detection technique should allow to identify with high precision ground water location at the ground surface, and the depth of its location. This information should be coupled with soil data to help estimate exploitable quantity (maybe) and year-round planification to determine whether the water is suitable for the intended use.

Solution criteria

Easy to use
Can work in remote areas
Can be used with solar energy
Can determine water depth and potential output
Can determine soil composition to advise for drilling equipment and energy needs
Can be used to map ground water resources and underground soil composition
Electric, hybrid or hydrogen powered drilling

What we offer

We have an experienced technical and management team, great knowledge of the field, great connections in the water and energy ecosystem of Burkina Faso.

Green Engineering Services

Green Engineering Services

An LLC established in Burkina since 2017 to offer affordable energy solution for productive use ie. for agro-processing, irrigation, water pumping etc. are the core of our activities. To date we have sold and installed 46 solar mills,3 pumping systems, 2 irrigation sites with 3 more sites underway


Burkina Faso

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Offer your solution
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