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Land Degradation
Extreme Climate
Water Scarcity & Availability

Solar smart Communities

Challenge Background

We work in the province of Mandoul and the oases region of of Kanem which are affected by climate change, and experience the impact of CC disproportionately. Factors such as variability of rainfall and climate affect the agricultural calendar and harvests (low quality and quantity) and result in lower crop yields and, by extension, lower income from production. These factors contribute to increased food insecurity; especially for women engaged in subsistence or small-scale farming and are exacerbated by the degradation and/or overexploitation of agricultural land. Adapting agriculture to these climatic changes is a major challenge, especially for women who lack access to information, improved tools, and potential adaptation strategies. Post-harvest losses are also significant, due to poor handling, storage, transportation, and the lack of a processing facility in the region. Deforestation promotes drought and desertification and women go further to look for firewood or use unhealthy means to cook.

What we are looking for

We are looking for solutions in the fields of:
- Cost effective irrigation system with solar equipment for agriculture and light
- Processing facility equipment
- Clean cooking stove
that are tailored to the specific needs of female farmers, which reduces their labor so that they can increase productivity and incomes by:

Solution criteria

Suitable for off-grid setting.
Easy maintenance
Easy to operate

What we offer

Partners/investors to implementation, marketing, post-harvest equipment , direct access to the market



LEAD Chad is a non-profit organization created in 2006, which intervenes in the fields of rural development, biodiversity conservation, adaptation to climate change and restoration of degraded lands. It promotes awareness by organizing activities and implementation of sustainable development actions by young leaders committed to reducing gender inequalities. It is also a platform for exchange for resilient development through advocacy, empowerment and dissemination of good agricultural practices at the grassroots.



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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