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Extreme Climate

Solar cold storage

Challenge Background

Our mission is to restore and plant trees with economic value, through the production of fruits that can provide a livelihood for the community that could process and harvest the produce for export. The existing situation of processing is that the farmers take the produce back home, and use energy from wood that was cut, in order to process the harvest. There is no local processing center, and trees are being cut for energy for processing. 80% of the fruits are lost in this harvesting method because manually the farmers are unable to process large volumes. We are setting up processing centers for these crops. The processing centers are running on renewable energy. We are currently planning the planting 50 million trees and 100 processing centers in Senegal and are focusing on Shea, Moringa, Baobab, Balanites, Neem, and Acacia Senegalensis trees. We are working with several agencies of the Senegal government such as the ministry of forestry and agriculture and their specialized agencies like the Great Green Wall Agency. We are mostly identifying sites in the north and center of Senegal bordering the Sahara Desert, an area that is mostly composed of sandy loom soils.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a technology that could help us build a cold storage that runs on solar power for the seedbank and food preservation to avoid produce loss.

Solution criteria

Technology transfer
Minimum maintenance
Provide rapide ROI
Minimum energy consumption
Easy to use with minimal human interventions/presence on site

What we offer

JV and partnership with profit sharing
Barter trade with foodstuff
Big Data
Money from our project funding

Serious Shea

Serious Shea

At Serious Shea we empower 500 women cooperative groups in sustainable shea and mango processing providing livelihood and contributing to the Great Green Wall. Without sustainable economic opportunities, food security, and environmental benefits for the local communities, accelerated deforestation will continue and the new plantations will end up in charcoal.

The 5-10 year Project vision is to create a network of eco-villages across the Great Green Wall with clean energy processing centers at the heart of the zero-waste eco-community which restores, manages and protects its natural parkland.

Women producer shareholders in shea and dry mango processing are supported through a Foundation which collects, monitors, and analyses linked data, provides advice and addresses feedback mechanisms for achieving the priority SDG contributions, creates value chain and other partnerships, and addresses local and global wants and needs which arise as the Project evolves. The Project timeline works back from the goal of achieving mainstream finance and investment by 2030. The Project is already working with finance and investment strategy and tool innovators to design public-private partnership frameworks, a scaled-up investment profile, and incorporate investment tool innovations such as sustainability-linked bonds.



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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