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Land Degradation
Water Scarcity & Availability

Rural smart irrigation


Challenge Background

Nigeria is affected by desertification, suffers greater challenges, due to the inability to access water through energy sources. The lack of water has also resulted in migration, conflicts, and loss of livelihoods. The GGW will continue to express drought, desertification, migration, conflicts, and loss of livelihoods.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a smart irrigation system for the local communities and the Nopal Opuntia Cactus plantation farms to adopt innovative methods for the provision of water irrigation systems and develop and implement Climate Smart Agriculture projects in partnership with NAGGW and Nigeria.

Solution criteria

Solutions to establish Climate Smart Agriculture to combat drought and desertification.
To provide solutions with soil rescue mechanisms to revitalize the soil in arid lands, turning them into arable lands for farmers.

What we offer

We provide enabling environment, public private partnership (PPP) with both the Federal and State Government.

Stratus Consult Limited

Stratus Consult Limited

Stratus Consult Limited is specialized in developing, planning, and implementing greener business concepts, combining Environment, Agriculture, Industry, Trade & Investment through cutting-edge innovation technology solutions. In partnership with the NAGGW is developing soil rescue programs, for the implementation of Nopal-cactus plantation farms for land regeneration, carbon sequestration and other added value chains component.



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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