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Remote & Marginal Living
Extreme Climate

Preservation of agricultural produces


Challenge Background

In Nigeria, electricity demand outstrips supply in ways that only few and rich people can enjoy uninterrupted electricity supply in a day. The situation is worst in the remote areas. Using non-renewable energy sources leads to deforestation over time, loss of soil fertility and inability to store harvested yield. According to FAO Nigeria on the average losses $9 billion annually to post-harvest waste since farmers do not have access to electricity-run or other restoration solutions. Most of these wastes are vegetable and fruits. Farmers are always at loss and being forced to sell their produces at give-away prices. The lack of electricity access and remote living limits access to restoration of agricultural produce.

What we are looking for

Clean and affordable off- grid technologies for preservation of agricultural produces

Solution criteria

Minimum maintenance
Easy to operate
Cost –effective

What we offer

World Ecological Concepts Ltd

World Ecological Concepts Ltd

Together with and Kejibaus Youth Development Initiatives we work on environmental issues



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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