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Remote & Marginal Living

Lighting remote areas

Challenge Background

An estimated 84% of households lack access to quality lighting fuels. In Nigeria, electricity demand outstrips supply in ways that only few and rich people can enjoy uninterrupted electricity supply in a day. The situation is worst in the remote areas. Few are relied on fossil fuel electricity generators for lighting and cooling which are not eco-friendly, and harmful. The lack of electricity to the people in the rural communities is a form of inequality and social exclusion. Lack of access to electricity presents a barrier for business growth, agriculture development and healthy lifestyle. The usage of non-renewable energy sources leads to deforestation over time, loss of soil fertility and inability to store harvested yield. It has also created conflicts between people and groups which put those communities in danger. Most of the people in the remote areas rely on kerosene and candle for lighting. The situation is the same in most schools in the remote areas. In Nigeria, 92 million persons lack access to power according to Energy Progress Report of 2022.

What we are looking for

We are looking for affordable and sustainable off-grid technologies for lighting in remote areas and schools.

Solution criteria

Minimum maintenance
Easy to operate
Cost –effective

What we offer

World Ecological Concepts Ltd

World Ecological Concepts Ltd

Together with and Kejibaus Youth Development Initiatives we work on environmental issues



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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