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Water Scarcity & Availability

Irrigation throughout dry season

Challenge Background

The weather pattern in Nigeria, particularly in our location, is characterized by a nine-month seasonal rainfall period from March to October, followed by an extended dry season. The growth of trees and crops is heavily reliant on rainfall, making them susceptible to drought during the dry season. This often results in stunted growth and even death of young trees. However, irrigating these trees during the dry season would require a substantial amount of water and high-cost capital, making it a challenging and costly task.

What we are looking for

Water-saving technology to irrigate young trees during the dry season and at their early stage of life.

Solution criteria

Low cost
East installation
Low energy consumption

What we offer

Buying this technology that can solve the problem

Aerobic Agroforestry Limited

Aerobic Agroforestry Limited

Sustainable forestry company started about 13 years ago, initially producing seedlings of various agroforestry commodities sold all over Nigeria to farmers. Afterwards, we embarked on an ambitious vertical integrated chain model to secure tree seedling production combined with agroforestry activities.



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Offer your solution
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