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Extreme Climate

Highways Trees Planting


Challenge Background

Trees are not being planted quickly enough to deal with climate change. Senegal loses 40.000 acres every single year due to desertification and soil degradation. This leads to disastrous climate change conditions. Reforestation is a response to the desertification that affect almost all countries in the world. The process of planting trees involves different stages ranging from soil preparation (digging), planting the seedling, re-soiling, pressing, watering and placing a protective gabion. These stains are often difficult when dealing with solid soil. They require a lot of physical efforts often under a hot and blazing sun. This is why many roads and highways in Africa are not reforested.

What we are looking for

The solution that we aim to provide to overcome this problem is to create a machine that can plant millions of trees every single year to speed up the process of reforestation. The solution consists of designing an automated mechanism for digging, direct planting of seedlings and laying of gabions for highways and areas difficult to access by men.

Solution criteria

Robust to survive hard soil conditions
Dig holes
Plant seedlings (small trees)
Place protective fences (gabions)

What we offer

Improve existing prototype I can already created

Reforestation and the Great Green Wall of Senegal

Reforestation and the Great Green Wall of Senegal

We are a government agency on charge of implanting the GGW initiative in Senegal and regreening the country.



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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