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Remote & Marginal Living
Extreme Climate

Electricity 4 All

Challenge Background

Chadian farmers face significant challenges in accessing electricity to power their farms and equipment. The majority of rural communities in Chad lack access to electricity, and even those that have access often experience frequent power outages, unreliable electricity supply, and high energy costs. This lack of access to electricity hampers agricultural productivity and economic growth in rural areas, as it limits farmers' ability to use modern technologies and equipment, process and store their harvests, and generate income.

What we are looking for

Solar-powered microgrids in rural areas that can provide reliable and cost-effective electricity to farmers and rural communities, allow them to power their farms and equipment, and increase their productivity.
They need solar irrigation systems which will help them irrigate their crops and increase their yields. These systems can also help reduce water waste and improve the efficiency of agricultural production.

Solution criteria

Accessibility to farmers and rural communities in remote areas
Affordability and cost-effective
sustainable and have a minimal environmental impact
Reliable and provide consistent and stable electricity supply,
Scalable and able to meet the growing energy demands of rural communities over time

What we offer

Trained personnel and technical expertise for the implementation and monitoring of the project.
Administrative support for the project.
Leverage our network of contacts in Chad and beyond to help connect the project with key stakeholders and resources.



AYA CHAD is an NGO that trains young people and adults in agribusiness to create a sustainable and vibrant agricultural sector in Chad. We focus on climate, soil, water, and production equipment, and our approach is based on rejuvenating the workforce, evolving production equipment, and promoting innovation.



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Offer your solution
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