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Digital system to monitor off-grid energy units



Challenge Background

A significant proportion of the Nigerian population does not have access to consistent power supply. This is due to a variety of factors including the limited number of clean and renewable electricity generation companies; limited access to the national grid; continuous energy policy summersault by successive governments; high cost of renewable energy generation equipment and accessories, and inaccessibility due to peculiar terrain.

What we are looking for

Digital system to clearly highlight capacity and usage level of a mini-grid renewable energy production unit.
The system should show the level of usage while in use, highlight the duration the power would last based on current load and give insight about maximum acceptable load.

Solution criteria

Diversity- The solutions should be deployable to cluster of communities and individuals who live in cities and remote areas.
Durability and Affordability-The solution should be affordable and durable with ease of purchasing its accessories.
Renewable energy-The solution should be generated from renewable energy to reduce pollution to the environment.
Off-grid-The solution should be stand-alone or within a minimal cluster.
Easy to maintain-It should be easy to maintain without complex tech knowledge.
Deployable to rural/remote communities
Easy to Install

What we offer

Climate Parliament

Climate Parliament

The Climate Parliament is an international network of legislators working worldwide to help solve the climate crisis and accelerate the transition to renewable energy. The focus is particularly on the MPs who are ready to exercise leadership in their parliaments on issues of climate action, energy access, large-scale renewable energy, green grids, and sustainable transport. The Nigerian Network implements Climate Parliament’s initiatives with Nigerian Parliamentarians and other stakeholders.



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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