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Cooking with alternative energy


Challenge Background

The excessive logging of trees has been the primary cause of desertification in the Sahelian countries. The local communities depend on the resources provided by the trees for their livelihoods, including dead wood for cooking, as well as roots and leaves for traditional medicine and thorny branches for fences. To deal with this issue, initiatives such as the banco stoves and solar ovens have been implemented to reduce the dependence on dead wood for energy. However, after a few months, solar ovens are often put away due to the belief that they do not provide the same authentic taste as traditional cooking methods, and the banco stoves are abandoned in favor of old habits, leading to continued wood cutting. Without a sustainable alternative energy solution, reforestation efforts will ultimately prove futile as the trees will continue to be cut down.

What we are looking for

We are looking for an alternative cooking energy solution that will utilize wood, which is culturally familiar and psychologically acceptable, while also dramatically reducing wood consumption during cooking. This solution must be suitable for both stationary households and mobile households, which rely on donkeys and carts for transportation. It must operate equally well at night and during the day, in all climatic conditions such as rain, and reduce the risk of sparks that can lead to bush fires.

Solution criteria

Easy to carry on
Functional in adverse weather conditions, and at night
Must use wood as primary energy source
Suitable for both stationary and mobile households
Must be a plug and play device

What we offer

Design of technology, testing, prototype, production line

Reforestation and the Great Green Wall of Senegal

Reforestation and the Great Green Wall of Senegal

We are a governmental agency in charge of implementing the GGW initiative in Senegal and regreening the country.



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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