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Land Degradation

Biofuels and solar energy production


Challenge Background

Nigeria’s energy has suffered from energy crisis spanning over three decades now. Nigeria has the lowest access to electricity globally, with over 97 million people out of the 220 million population lacking access to power. Currently, only 45% of Nigeria’s population is connected to the energy grid whilst power supply difficulties are experienced around 85% of the time and almost nonexistent in certain regions. This means communities will continue to cut trees for cooking unless alternative means of electricity is provided, and other means of cooking is made available. Regions affected by desertification, suffer greater challenges, due to inability to access water through energy sources. The use of solar or windmill to power borehole is an option, but unaffordable. The GGW will continue to express drought, desertification, migration, conflicts, loss of livelihoods with innovative technology approach. Solutions for the GGW requires adaptation measures and fast.

What we are looking for

We are looking to generate 1mw hybrid (biomass/solar) off-the-grid power acorss the rural commuities that will not only support CSA projects, but also, improving on the current inadequate electricity supply communities and develop sustainable renewable energy programs to generate 200 mw.
We are looking for a technology for biofuels production and the needed operations to establish biofuel processing facilities

Solution criteria

Establish afforestation program with CO2 mechanisms.
To use CSA to establish green industrial projects for food & beverages.
Establish hybrid Biomass/biogas for electricity.

What we offer

We provide enabling environment, public private partnership (PPP) with both the Federal and State Government.

Stratus Consult Limited

Stratus Consult Limited

Stratus Consult Limited is specialized in developing, planning, and implementing greener business concepts, combining Environment, Agriculture, Industry, Trade & Investment through cutting-edge innovation technology solutions. In partnership with the NAGGW is developing soil rescue programs, for the implementation of Nopal-cactus plantation farms for land regeneration, carbon sequestration and other added value chains component.



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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