The DeserTech Marketplace

The Marketplace matches between desert challenges and technological solutions.


Our goal is to establish a shared language of global desert challenges, so that corporates, governments, municipalities,  and communities from around the world, can define their needs;  identify partners; and together develop market-driven solutions.


Currently, you will find here Israeli startups in the fields of water, energy, agriculture, and infrastructure with solutions that address desert challenges, but we wish to expand and show the variety of technological solutions. Therefore, we Invite Israeli and international entrepreneurs to present their technological breakthroughs, and local governments and corporates to share their challenges.


Together we can ensure the Marketplace showcases technologies from all over the world by including researchers, policy makers, investors and all those dedicated to mitigating desertification.

How can you utilize the Marketplace?


About desert challenges impacting our global community


Technological solutions in the fields of water, energy, agriculture, and infrastructure


With the relevant partners: corporations, governments, municipalities, researchers, and entrepreneurs


Open innovation processes, matching technologies to specific needs