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TaKaDu's solution enables water distribution utilities to manage their water network efficiently and intelligently, thus empowering them to reduce water loss and increase operational efficiency.


TaKaDu provides a comprehensive SaaS analytics software solution that enables water distribution utilities to manage their water network efficiently and intelligently instead of having to operate in a ‘fire-fighting’ mode, thus empowering them to overcome high water loss, low operational efficiency, and poor customer service. Using the utility’s network data and integrated information from other solutions such as work order software and smart meters, TaKaDu employs sophisticated statistical techniques to detect, automatically and 24/7, diverse asset failures such as leaks and broken meters early in their evolution, before there are other indications. It then enables the utility’s personnel to manage these incidents until resolution.

Utilities gain ROI of 5X-10X through reducing their physical and apparent water loss, focusing their back office and field teams on acute failures and shortening their maintenance backlog activities, while reducing their operational costs, retaining organizational knowledge, and improving their customer service.

Unlike other solutions, TaKaDu is a proven, mature and patented solution, operating for over a decade with leading utilities in 11 countries, which almost all retain the service for many years. Additionally, it stands out due to its rapid deployment, intuitive user interface, and built-in best practices.




Funding Stage:

Revenue Financed


Yehud, Israel

Product Stage:

Late stage growth


Amir Peleg

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